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Congregational and Organizational Life

Jews and Fellow Travelers: Appreciating the Gifts of Non-Jewish Partners

Rabbi Harris's article, written after his workshop at the 2004 JRF Convention, focuses on the benefits that non-Jews, mostly with Jewish partners, bring to the community. Harris leads us away from the "framework of cost," to open up the conversation on intermarriage.
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Preparing for a Rabbinic Sabbatical From the Perspective of the Congregational Leadership

This document is designed to help Reconstructionist communities prepare for a rabbinic sabbatical as a time of growth—for the rabbi and the community. It relates to the biblical agricultural sabbatical and includes an outline of questions to shape planning.

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A 350-Year-Old Jewish Community

In this article, Rabbi Michael Tayvah guides us through 350 years of Mikve Israel-Emanuel's existence, from its early beginnings as an emigrated Portuguese community to its affiliation with the Reconstructionist movement in 1964. This is an incredible history of the "oldest continuous Jewish community in the Americas."
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Yad Mordecai Fund Creates New Opportunities for Learning

The Yad Mordecai Education Fund was awarded to Reconstructionist affiliates who made great strides in adult education. This article reports on the reasons behind each grant. Grantees supported the Fund's goal: to promote ongoing adult education for Reconstructionist Jews through enhanced materials, teaching methods, programs and more.
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Rabbis and the God of Transformation

Rabbi Walt discusses a vision of a transformative Judaism, expressed in both the realms of the spiritual (tikkun ha-nefesh) and the social (tikkun ha-olam), applied to the problems of our day. Excerpted from a sermon at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College graduation. From the Winter 1997/1998 Reconstructionism Today magazine, Volume 5 Number 2.
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