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Communal Mishlo'ach Manot

Minyan Dorshei Derekh in Philadelphia has taken an innovative approach to this Purim tradition by making communal mishlo'ach manot packages for each megillah reading attendee. Community members donate time, money and items to create the gift baskets and most of the money goes to tzedakah.

Type: Program Description

The United States of Hanukah

In a 2002 RT article, Rabbi Steve Segar notes, "The Hanukah story contains thematic elements that create cognitive dissonance or even undermine the cultural messages that our communities are attempting to cultivate through the observance of this holiday." Many American Jews might relate to the Helenizing forces more than the Maccabean tendency to root them out. Resonant within the story for many Reconstructionists and others is the struggle to live in multiple "civilizations" simultaneously with integrity.
Type: Dvar Torah

Rosh Hashanah

Rabbis Erin Hirsh, RRC '00, and Shawn Zevit, RRC '98, engage in a dialogue about one of the most powerful and widely celebrated times of the Jewish year cycle. How did the Jewish New Year evolve? What are the key practices that express the central ideas of this High Holy Day? What are the Reconstructionist approaches? This is an episode of the radio program Heart, Mind and Spirit.

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