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Jewish Community

How Should We Respond To Human Need?

Psalm 41:2: Happy are those who give to the needy. The Hebrew verb for the word give, maskil, has multiple meanings. This ambiguity of meaning provides an opportunity for one of the rabbinic sages, Rabbi Jonah to think differently about taking care of the needy. Three differing versions of Jonah's "think different" approach are presented in this text study.
Type: Text Study

The "Kehillah Mekabelet" - Welcoming Congregation

An inspiring discussion with writer Roberta Israeloff, as she traces her faith journey that lead her from alienation with the Judaism of her youth to finding a Reconstructionist congregation to call her spiritual home. There, she fought for a policy explicitly welcoming gay and lesbian Jews. An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Type: Audio Interview

Resolution Regarding Children of Mixed Marriages

This is the "Resolution on Patrilineal Descent" that was adopted by the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations and Fellowships at its 9th Annual Conference, May 5, 1968, in Great Neck, Long Island. It was published in the Reconstructionist, Volume 34, No. 8, May 31, 1968.
Type: Article


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