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School Administration

Hebrew in The Curriculum (Via Tutoring)

This report outlines how and why the Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue redesigned its religious school program in 2003. The school changed the structure of Hebrew instruction from traditional group lessons to individual weekly sessions with a tutor. MJCS was able to implement this program without a tuition increase.
Type: Program Description

Proposal for a Reconstructionist Day School

Rabbi Shira Stutman (RRC '07) conceived of this model for a Reconstructionist high school that she named Lab Yeshiva. She proposes block scheduling, integrated secular and Jewish studies, and service-learning to Jewishly educate students who are not well served by traditional college-prep academies.
Type: Program Description

Boundaries and Identity: Discussing Where We Stand and Who We Are

In this article, Rabbi Richard Hirsh, RRC '81, discusses the issues of boundaries and identity involved with children of interfaith families. Who is "Jewish" for the purpose of religious school attendance? Why are these discussions important? What gets in the way of having them?

Type: Article


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