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Jewish Life

Addendum to Symposium on Music in Jewish Life After the First-Ever Harmoniyah Music Retreat

In her essay of the latest Harmoniyah retreat in November of 2007, Margot Stein reports on the state of Reconstructionist music with its reinvention of tradition and ability to experiment in new territory. Stein also reflects on the use of music as a vehicle for spirituality.
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Brit Adamah Checklist for Home-based Environmental Action

In advance of Tu Bishvat 5767 (2007), students at West End Synagogue organized to try to make a difference in their community. They created a "Brit Adamah," a covenant with the earth, which asked/challenged members of the community to take on a variety personal practices that make a difference in bettering the environment. This is a downloadable Microsoft WORD document, so congregations can easily adapt if for themselves.
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