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Congregational Development

A 350-Year-Old Jewish Community

In this article, Rabbi Michael Tayvah guides us through 350 years of Mikve Israel-Emanuel's existence, from its early beginnings as an emigrated Portuguese community to its affiliation with the Reconstructionist movement in 1964. This is an incredible history of the "oldest continuous Jewish community in the Americas."
Type: RT Article

Discussion About B'nai Mitzvah Requirements From EdTalk

This is a summary of exchanges among Reconstructionist educators on the EdTalk listserve (in 2000) about requirements for B'nai Mitzvah and their families. Contributions include summaries of policy, a debate on the need for the policies, and two anecdotes related to implementation of these policies.
Type: Listserve Thread

Training the 21st Century Rabbi

A dynamic conversation with Rabbi David Teutsch about the historic and current methods of identifying and training future Jewish leaders, with particular attention to the experiences and programs at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and models of becoming a Reconstructionist Rabbi. An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Type: Audio Interview


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