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Hebrew in The Curriculum (Via Tutoring)

This report outlines how and why the Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue redesigned its religious school program in 2003. The school changed the structure of Hebrew instruction from traditional group lessons to individual weekly sessions with a tutor. MJCS was able to implement this program without a tuition increase.
Type: Program Description

Zionism And Communal Covenant: A Reconstructionist Approach To Essential Jewish Principals

In 2004, the JRF Israel Policies Task Force issued a report calling for a recommitment to Zionism. This excerpt from that report explores Kaplan's definition of "New Zionism." It also discusses how a communal covenant could strengthen the relationships among the Reconstructionist community, Israel and the broader Jewish community.
Type: Policy

Three Alternative Versions of the Prayer for the State of Israel

Jewish communities, in Israel and abroad, pray for the State of Israel, peace in the Middle East, a stable government that will keep its citizens safe, a flourishing economy and more. It is customary to add a prayer for Israel at the end of the Shaharit (morning) service. These three versions reflect the range of hopes that communities have for Israel.

Type: Ritual


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