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Why Reconstructionism Needs Theology

From the Introduction to Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer's talk:

In this talk, I am going to ask three questions. First, “does the Reconstructionist movement need theology?” Not so surprisingly, my answer to that question is “Yes.” Also not surprisingly, I will have a few words to say about that. Next, “what are the major issues of our day to which Reconstructionist theology might make a contribution?” I will suggest two, both of which are real issues hiding behind non issues. I will discuss:

1) the so-called “conflict between science and religion,” a bogus problem that alerts us to a real dialogue that is needed between scientism and religion, and

2) the so-called “clash of civilizations” a description of the alleged situation between Islam and the West that serves political ends and denies the actual clash going on within Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures today.

Finally, “what contribution can Reconstructionist theology make to those issues?” I will suggest we have two very important teachings, one to address each issue I discuss. I will close by suggesting that there is a basic theological commitment that underlies what we have to offer to both those conversations: Our experience of the holy comes with an obligation to humility.
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