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Reading List for Educators

Books Covering All or Multiple Holidays

  • The Magic Tanach and Other Stories, by Gabrielle Susan Kaplan, ARE publishers, 1999.

  • Ten and a Kid, by Sadie Rose Weilerstein, Jewish Publication Society. (Out of print. Check your synagogue or local libraries.)

Teaching God and the Holidays

  • When Children Ask About God, by Harold Kushner, Schocken Books, 1995. Available from the Reconstructionist Press.

  • “The Idea of God in the Jewish Classroom,” by Harold Kushner, and “Nurturing Biblical Fantasies,” by Norman Newberg. Both are in Creative Jewish Education, edited by Jeffrey Schein and Jacob Staub, available through the Reconstructionist Press. The latter is particularly valuable for Rosh Hashanah education, as it uses the Akeidah, which is read on the second day of the holiday, as its primary example.

High Holy Days

  • The Magic of Kol Nidre, by Bruce Siegel. Kar-Ben Copies, Inc, 1998. Yom Kippur reading.

  • Toby Belfer and the High Holy Days, by Gloria Teles Pushker. Pelican Publishing, 2001. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur reading.


  • Toby Belfer Never Had a Christmas Tree by Gloria Teles Pushker. Pelican Publishing, 1998.

  • Judah Who Always Said No, by Harriet K. Feder, et al. Kar-Ben Copies. (Out of print. Check your synagogue or local libraries.)

  • The Power of Light: Eight Stories for Hanukah, by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 1990.

  • Eight Nights, Eight Lights, by Kerry M. Olitzky, Aleph Design Group, 1995.
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