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The Daily Renewal Of Creation: A Treasure Hunt

The items found are to be "collected" in the form of notes and comments on the page, rather than plucking them all from their natural place. For each item, write first what it is, and then what its "job" might be where it is.

Day 1: Creation of the separation between light and dark.

Find a naturally occurring place that is very dark, even in the lightest part of day.

Day 2: Creation of the separation between waters on the ground and waters above; creation of air and the heavens.

Find a naturally occurring place where water occurs above air.

Day 3: Creation of land and vegetation.

Find the seeds of a plant or something that has seeds in it.

Day 4: Creation of the "luminaries," the sun, moon and stars.

Find something other than the sun, moon and stars that holds light in a special way.

Day 5: Creation of animals of the seas and air.

Find an animal that spends most of its life in the water or the air.

Day 6: Creation of animals of land, including humans

Find a non-human animal that spends most of its life on land.

Continued creation: the life-cycle.

Find something that is newly returned to the earth - dust to dust.

Find something that you know is different today than it was yesterday, even if you can't really see that difference.

Find something that is older than anyone living today (more than 100 years old).

Find something living that is fresh and new. This may be harder at certain times of the year, but challenge yourself!

Find something that was once alive that is now dead but supporting new life.
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