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RRC has made digital resources a priority, including the relaunches of a digital Reconstructionism Today and, our website. As an e-newsletter, Reconstructionism Today arrives directly to your inbox on your favorite device. Our website will be available 24/7 and provide information about our movement, congregations and leaders as well as resources for learning and celebration. 

  • Curriculum Library: This comprehensive list of textbooks, story books and resource materials on topics ranging from holidays to Hebrew, from tikkun olam to Torah is a valuable guide for educators, parents, librarians and anyone interested in resources for Jewish education evaluated from a Reconstructionist point of view.

  • Special-Interest Listservs: Listservs allow people across the movement to communicate directly with others who share specific congregational responsibilities and interests. We offer listservs for educators, musicians, congregation presidents and others.

  • is filled with creative Jewish resources for once-in-a-lifetime events and everyday moments. Ritualwell’s resources cover Jewish holidays, everyday holiness, life cycle celebrations, healing, Shabbat and more—through personalized prayers, readings, poetry and rituals that encourage individualized expressions of Jewish life. Join Ritualwell’s online community and share your own rituals. Sign up for emails or like Ritualwell on Facebook .

  • RRC Press: The Press offers a wide array of guidebooks for all aspects of Jewish ethics and practice, including everyday spirituality, death and mourning, and tzedakah. It is the home of the award-winning Guide to Jewish Practice series. At Reconstructionist Press you’ll find one-stop shopping for Reconstructionist prayer books, congregational resources, children’s literature and books about our movement’s history, theology and philosophy. Reconstructionist community members receive discounts on all purchases. 

Distance Learning Programs:

  • Judaism Through a Reconstructionist Lens: This self-paced online learning program teaches the philosophy of Reconstructionist Judaism through a framework of questions. Users can explore the thinking of Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan and find out how Reconstructionist Judaism differs from other branches of Judaism. The thoughts of real-world Reconstructionist rabbis and congregants are available in audio clips. The program can be used by individuals or groups.

  • Disabilities and Inclusion Minicourse: “Look Into My Eyes: Coming Face to Face With Disability” offers valuable information and guidance for anyone in the Jewish community who seeks to include people of different abilities. It was originally presented as a minicourse at RRC, where it was spearheaded by Rabbi Judith Abrahamson. The course was designed to help rabbis, educators and congregational leaders increase their capacity to work with people of differing abilities in a Jewish setting. The course has been re-created online with six videos and articles that offer insights from Jewish tradition, explorations of the heart and teachings from rabbis who are leaders in serving diverse communities.

  • High Holiday Day Audio Recordings: Anyone leading or helping at High Holiday services will find these downloadable recordings useful. Corresponding page numbers are provided for Kol Haneshamah: Prayerbook for the Days of Awe from the Reconstructionist Press, making it easy to listen and refer to the Hebrew text.

  • Our website offers a section devoted to Reconstructionist resources that range from historical recordings about Mordecai Kaplan to lectures on contemporary topics by RRC faculty. Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer’s blog Multifaith World features essays, sermons, videos, and information on conferences which can enrich congregational activities and discussion. Cyd Weissman, Director of the Reconstructionist Learning Networks, brings Jewish learning together with entrepreneurial insights at Living Jewish Learning. And RRC faculty members provide an ongoing window into their teachings at Recon Torah

  • Monthly Content for Congregational Newsletters: On a monthly basis, we send three different emails to groups of congregational leaders. Reconstructionism Today, newly relaunched in electronic format and available to everyone, contains news of our college and congregations, links to resources and other information of interest. Presidents, rabbis, officers and key staff receive a Leadership Brief, which offers a range of perspectives to leaders of Reconstructionist communities. Newsletter editors at each of our affiliated congregations receive myriad updates they can share in congregational communications. To receive one or more of these emails, please contact Communications Associate Victoria Guentter ( and she will add your name to the list.

  • Regular News of the Movement by Email: Twice a month—once for congregational leaders (Reconstructionist Leadership Brief) and once for our entire mailing list (Reconstructionism Today)—we send an email featuring stories about Reconstructionist Judaism, our affiliated communities, the leaders of our movement, and links to information and resources of interest. If you would like to receive these emails or arrange for the members of your congregation to receive them, please contact Communications Associate Rachael Burgess (

  • Periodic Updates for Congregational Leaders: Rabbi Deborah Waxman and other movement leaders keep congregational leaders informed via topical, timely emails. In recent months, these emails have addressed violence in Israel and Gaza, the protests against police brutality in the United States and other issues of concern. 


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