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October 7, 2014

Reconstructionists: Pioneers of Inclusion

In interviews with our movement’s leader and several of our rabbis, The Washington Jewish Week showcases the qualities that make Reconstructionism stand out from the crowd. MORE
October 3, 2014

RRC Scholars Explain Value of Kol Nidre

The Philadelphia Inquirer talks to Rabbis David Teutsch—director of RRC’s Center for Jewish Ethics—and Elisa Goldberg, ‘99, about the oddly controversial prayer. MORE
September 23, 2014

Talking About Israel

The New York Times profiles Reconstructionist rabbis who have addressed the conflict in Israel with their congregations. MORE
August 21, 2014

Journey to Hillel

Rabbi Susan Schein, ’03, took a unique path to the rabbinate. Now The Jewish Ledger describes her journey to a new Hillel position. MORE

Movement Statement on Israel and Resources on Civil Discourse

Statement July, 2014: The board of governors of the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities/Reconstructionist Rabbinical College affirms that there are diverse opinions about Israel across the Reconstructionist movement. We aim to foster civil discourse across this diversity and create a space where we can talk together about Israel, rather than at each other—even if it means that the only thing we are sharing is how our hearts are breaking.

June 12, 2014

Beginning Their Journeys

The Jewish Exponent profiles two of RRC's exceptional 2014 grads: Nicholas Renner and Tamara Cohen.  MORE


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