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Rabbi Fred Dobb



Rabbis Fred Dobb and Richard Hirsh look at the development of the philosophy and practice of kashrut from Biblical times to the present and what a Reconstructionist approach to kashrut can mean for us today. An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Greening Sustainable Synagogues Annotated weblinks and listings of resources to support congregations in their efforts to function in more ecologically sustainable ways, and to support those efforts in the world.
The World As Sacred Space: Judaic Teachings and Ecological Consciousness Rabbi Fred Sherlinder Dobb lays out the Jewish case for environmental awareness and action. Providing sources and viewpoints from classic and modern Jewish sources, Dobb wants us to see contemporary concerns in the context of Jewish concerns over time. He also raises questions about views within...
The World as Sacred Space Judaic Teachings and Ecological Consciousness
Mussar and Text Sources on Climate Change These two papers use Jewish texts and sources to offer wisdom on global climate change.
Eco-Judaism: Is There Any Other Kind?! – How Torah Pushes the Sustainability Envelope

In this video, part of the 2016 Global Day of Jewish Learning, Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb presents on the topic: “Eco-Judaism: Is There Any Other Kind?! – How Torah Pushes the Sustainability Envelope.”

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