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Rabbi Linda Holtzman

Rabbi Linda Holtzman


10 Things I Learned As Education Director at Reconstructionist Congregation Mishkan Shalom In November 2000, Rabbi Linda Holtzman, RRC '79, delivered this keynote address at the JRF Mid-Atlantic Regional Educators' Day. In these remarks she lists ten important principles she learned during her five years as education director at Mishkan Shalom in Philadelphia.
Women in Spiritual Leadership

Rabbis Linda Holtzman and Elyse Wechterman explore the issues and challenges that face Jewish women in leadership roles, particularly in congregational life, as well as the opportunities and contributions female rabbis have been part of in recent years. An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit...

Reconstructionist Education

Rabbis Jeffrey Schein, RRC '77, and Linda Holtzman, RRC '79, examine the key components of an effective Reconstructionist education in an episode of the radio program Heart, Mind and Spirit.

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