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Rabbi Moti Rieber


Reconstructionist Educators' FAQs on Israel These sample questions address Reconstructionist attitudes toward Israel and provide guidance for how to address Palestinian-Israeli relations.
Discussion About B'nai Mitzvah Requirements From EdTalk This is a summary of exchanges among Reconstructionist educators on the EdTalk listserve (in 2000) about requirements for B'nai Mitzvah and their families. Contributions include summaries of policy, a debate on the need for the policies, and two anecdotes related to implementation of these policies.
Reflection on My Recent Trip to Israel Moti Rieber, who lived in Israel for four years in the mid-to-late 1990s, reflects on his trip to Israel with the JRF Leadership Mission in January 2002 and reports on pessimism, the peace process and suffering on all sides.
Simplicity as a Jewish Path Alternatives to consumerism
Introduction to Reconstructionist Education's FAQs

This introduction to Reconstructionist Education's frequently asked questions explains why a "cheat sheet" is necessary and provides guidance about how to discuss these and other questions with students of different ages.

Reconstructionist Education's FAQs

This list provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Reconstructionist Judaism.

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