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Rabbi Sid Schwarz

Rabbi Sid Schwarz


Judaism and Justice This is a reprint from a Fall, 2003 article published in The Reconstructionist. The article emphasizes the important connection between Judaism and justice and argues that making those connections for our communities will draw Jews to Judaism.
Reinventing Synagogues and Prayer Bridging the gap between "keva" and "kavanah"
What’s God Have To Do With It?

Rabbi Sid Schwarz's High Holiday sermon, delivered at Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation in Bethesda, MD on Yom Kippur 2007.

Israel: A Season of Reckoning

Rabbi Sid Schwartz evaluates Israel's human rights record in wartime. 

Loyalty, Truth, and Freedom of Expression
Limiting Debate on Israel will Only Hurt Us

Rabbi Sid Schwartz defends free expression in our conversations about Israel.

Can Zionism Be the Answer?

Rabbi Sid Schwartz writes about the need to reclaim a Zionism that is humanistic and expansively values-driven. 

Truth or Consequences

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