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2016-17 Affiliation Materials

A Letter from Rabbi Deborah Waxman and David Roberts


Download Affiliation Materials in PDF Form. 

Packet contains: 

  • Benefits Chart
  • Dues Form (2016-2017)
  • Programs and Services
  • Rabbis and Rabbinical Students in your Congregation
  • Rabbis and Rabbinical Students in the Wider Community
  • Affiliation Benefits for Children
  • Published Resources

In the words of The Forward this year, “The Reconstructionist movement has had an outsized effect on American Jewry, often embracing progressive stands years or decades before the more established denominations followed along.” We are small yet mighty, and we continue to blaze new paths of inclusion, ritual, social justice, and congregational structure within our communities, at our rabbinical college, and to the Jewish world at large. We forge new paths that create a dynamic Jewish future.

These new paths have also allowed us to foster important relationships. Here are just a few of the ways RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities builds and strengthens our relationships with you and on your behalf.

  • We, Deborah and David, represented the movement to the World Zionist Congress. We claimed our place among worldwide Jewish leaders and raised our voices for a Reconstructionist approach and progressive values in Israel. And RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities formalized a relationship with Israel Experts to support your Israel travel needs. Learn more about our work on our Gateways to Israel Facebook page:

  • Cyd Weissman, Director of Reconstructionist Learning Networks and a nationally recognized expert in learning and entrepreneurship, is spearheading the creation of networks among Reconstructionists which help develop new ideas and solutions and address shared challenges.

  • Through, our award-winning online resource for ritual of all kinds, we connect with other innovative organizations. reached more than 170,000 unique visitors last year and partnered with Interfaith Family,, Repair the World, T’ruah and American Jewish World Service.

    In the year ahead, we’ll build networks that connect different congregations. Members will be able to ally themselves even more deeply with each other and experience the richness these relationships make in their lives.

    As we continue to make a greater impact on the world, we continue to depend upon your support. Just as your members’ dues support your congregation’s aspirations, your annual dues are vital to building our shared future.

    Attached, you will find the dues pledge form and schedule of benefits. Please note that the dues levels and percentages have not changed from last year. Because we steward our budget carefully and frugally, we are able to set lower dues than other Jewish denominations. As you develop your budget for 2016-17, hold room for the great investment in our movement.

    We can’t achieve our shared goals without you. 



Deborah Waxman, President

David Roberts, Board Chair


P.S. Thank you for considering an increase in your dues. We count on your support. 


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