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Hanukkah at the White House

Nearly 1,000 Jewish leaders from across the denominational spectrum attended two White House Chanukah parties on Dec. 9; and the leadership of the Reconstructionist movement was well represented.

In its coverage of the festivities, the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent featured comments from RRC President, Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D., ’99, Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, ’85, director of RRC’s Social Justice Organizing Program, and Liebling’s wife, Lynne Iser, founder of

Rabbi Sid Schwartz, ’80, also attended and gave the blessing. Seth Rosen, RRC board member and community engagement chair, attended as Rabbi Waxman’s guest.

Rabbi Waxman told the Jewish Exponent that visiting the White House is “thrilling each and every time I go. Last year, I had the experience where someone asked me to make a minyan during the afternoon. I had to do the world’s fastest davening. But no matter how many times I go, I find it truly thrilling — and for me, the most exciting thing was that a Reconstructionist rabbi led the lighting blessing.”


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