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How Much Is Enough?

In 2013-14, the Tikkun Olam Commission of the Reconstructionist movement is initiating actions and conversations about wealth and income inequality and the related question: How much is enough? This letter, written by Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, ’85, was originally sent to college students. However, it’s a useful text for any family, study group or individual who wants to bring contemporary meaning and challenging questions to bear on an ancient holiday.

Type: Community Discussion Guide

Three Reasons

Along with selecting special haftorot for each week to highlight an aspect of the Torah portion, the rabbis also chose special readings for the holidays. For the first Shabbat of Hanukah the rabbis selected Zechariah 2:14 -4:7. ...
Type: Dvar Torah

Tzedakah and the Jewish Holidays: Giving for Social Change

Ideas for giving opportunities throughout the Jewish year. Connects each Jewish holiday to the concept of tzedakah and recommends a relevant type of beneficiary to support.
Type: Program Description


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