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Israel & Zionism: A Contemporary Challenge

Israel & Zionism: A Contemporary Challenge

Welcome to the Jewish Reconstructionist communities' conversation on Israel and Zionism; this site is now our home for tackling important topics and deepening our relationships with Jewish life and community.

We know that members of our communities hold a wide array of views when it comes to our approaches to Jewish life, and this is also true when it comes to how we understand and relate to Israel and Zionism. With this forum we will forge a path of civility in our increasingly polarized world and create a safe space to engage with challenging issues and questions.  Our hope is that our movement will demonstrate that it is possible to both disagree and deeply engage in challenging conversations while maintaining mutual respect and connection across the political and religious spectrum.

We are kicking off this conversation with five essays that represent a range of viewpoints from within the Jewish Reconstructionist communities. They have all grown out of a Reconstructionist approach to Jewish life. We invite you to read these essays and to join the conversation.

With your help and participation we seek to model an open tent in which a variety of views can all be held together to create a space in which each person can add an opinion without fear of being personally attacked, and where no one feels pre-judged or labeled and then dismissed.

To that end, we'll be moderating the discussion according to these Community Guidelines. Please read them before posting. 

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