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About Us

In the Reconstructionist movement we are committed to our roots in tradition, to egalitarianism and inclusion, and to helping Jewish communities flourish. The Jewish Reconstructionist Communities in Association with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC) provide services for more than 100 congregations and havurot where members help create the Judaism they want to live. RRC is a progressive rabbinical school­­ where people of all backgrounds engage intensively with Jewish texts, thought and practice. As a combined organization, RRC and Jewish Reconstructionist Communities make up a unique kind of entity in the contemporary Jewish landscape.

Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan, the intellectual founder of Reconstructionism, viewed Judaism as the evolving religious civilization of the Jewish people. Each generation is responsible for guiding that evolution in order to meet the needs of contemporary Jews. Kaplan promoted democracy in the synagogue community and respect for the religious opinions of individuals. Learn more about Reconstructionist Judaism.

We work with our affiliates to build Jewish communities that are spiritually and intellectually vibrant, and committed to Jewish learning, ethics and social justice. We provide publications, consulting services and resources such as those you see on this site, covering topics such as education, tikkun olam, fundraising and spiritual community building. RRC provides cutting-edge training for tomorrow’s rabbis. And the movement promotes Reconstructionist values among our youth through Camp JRF and No’ar Hadash—the Reconstructionist youth movement.

Learn how your community can benefit from being affiliated with the Reconstructionist movement.

About This Website contains hundreds of resources based on the values, beliefs and history of Reconstructionist Judaism. You’ll find divrei Torah and teachings, tikkun olam projects, lesson plans, congregational best practices and holiday resources. The material is useful for both individuals and groups. And all of it comes from members of Reconstructionist communities—including rabbis, educators and leaders.

We encourage you to browse the site and bookmark. Download and share. And contact us to let us know what you think. We value your feedback.

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