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Timeline of the Restructuring Process

February 2011: The RRC board votes on the intention to restructure the Reconstructionist movement.
April 2011: The JRF Plenum votes on the intention to restructure the Reconstructionist movement. Read more.
April 2011-mid-Sept. 2011: Though it’s determined an additional plenum vote (now expected June 3, 2012) is needed to follow through on the intention, RRC moves ahead, investigating the steps to restructure. Camp JRF is incorporated in Illinois; JRF, in NY; and RRC, in PA—so RRC consults with PA, NY and IL attorneys. The PA attorney develops a plan for moving forward. The RRC board approves this plan at its first board meeting of the new fiscal year, Sept. 18, 2011.
Mid-Sept. 2011-Dec. 2011: The JRF executive committee returns a favorable response to the PA attorney’s plan on Dec. 16, 2011. Elements of the intention to restructure are set in motion: The Governance and Congregational Services Committees are populated and convened, with the goal of making initial recommendations by August 31, 2012. Population of the Youth and Education, Tikkun Olam and Movement Growth and Financial Health Commissions also begins. JRF board members begin to sit in on RRC board and Executive Committee deliberations.
Dec. 17, 2011-June 2012: RRC brings new by-laws to its January 8, 2012 board meeting for approval. To meet JRF board member expectations, some items are changed and the by-laws are brought again to the RRC board’s next meeting, March 25. (By-laws changes require two readings by the board; final passage will take place at a specially convened meeting in late April.)
RRC’s attorney drafts other necessary documents and these are negotiated with JRF’s acting attorney. These items include new JRF by-laws for the interim phase; a new version of the April 2011 plenum proposal, which takes into account subsequent changes; and an affiliation agreement that allows RRC to run JRF programs.  Camp JRF will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of the reorganized JRF.
On March 27 the JRF board reviews all documents and passes the resolution that will be brought to the plenum for a June vote.
At an April 23 meeting, the RRC board passes a resolution approving the steps and documents needed to put the restructuring into effect.
Also in the spring, JRF sends out material to its constituents to review in preparation for its plenum vote on June 3.

Following the plenum’s June 3 vote in favor, the Reconstructionist movement is restructured. RRC and Jewish Reconstructionist Communities become the primary organization of the movement.

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