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Tikkun Olam

Walking the Walk: The Sacred Art of Energy Conservation

Rabbi Brant Rosen makes a passionate plea, textually based, for building an environmentally sustainable synagogue. His own congregation, The Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation (JRC) of Evanston, IL is an example.
Type: Dvar Torah

The FAQs of Genocide: Four Questions Frequently Asked of a Jewish Darfur Activist

Speech delivered on April 29, 2006 at a JRF gathering the night before the Save Darfur rally in Washington, D.C. The speech answers common questions asked by Jews in assessing the importance of this issue. It is a forceful argument for full engagement by the Jewish community in efforts to stop the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.
Type: Speech

References for a Values-Based Decision Making Approach to Greening Synagogues

A collection of resources that help groups engaging in a values-based decision making approach to greening congregational spaces. The list is divided into print and online materials.
Type: Bibliography

Let's Not Follow Noah's Example: A Call to Action

Written for Kol Nidre, this sermon contrasts the human bravery with the human wrongdoing that both ocurred in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Basing her critique of Noah on a retelling found in the Zohar which lambasts Noah for his selfishness, Zimmerman challenges us to overcome our overwhem, our guilt, our sense of powerless and our fear to rise up and reach out to bring justice into our world.
Type: Dvar Torah


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