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Tikkun Olam

Brit Adamah Checklist for Home-based Environmental Action

In advance of Tu Bishvat 5767 (2007), students at West End Synagogue organized to try to make a difference in their community. They created a "Brit Adamah," a covenant with the earth, which asked/challenged members of the community to take on a variety personal practices that make a difference in bettering the environment. This is a downloadable Microsoft WORD document, so congregations can easily adapt if for themselves.
Type: Community Discussion Guide

One for Each Night: A Hanukkah Study Guide for a Brighter Future

This award winning Hanukkah home guide includes a nightly ritual of replacing a light bulb in your house with an energy efficient CFL bulb, short teachings about the importance of saving energy, a light bulb joke and a blessing. A great way of giving focus to Hanukkah at home.
Type: Ritual

Reconstructionist Response to Conservative Movement Decision on Gay Ordination and Commitment Ceremonies

On December 6, 2006 the Law and Standards Committee of the Conservative movement passed a teshuva, an opinion on Jewish law, which permits same-sex commitment ceremonies and the ordination of gay/lesbian rabbis. This statement is the Reconstructionist movement's immediate response to Conservative Announcement.
Type: Policy


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