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Tikkun Olam: Our Current Focus

The Reconstructionist movement has helped define the vanguard of social justice in the Jewish community, advancing causes from equality for women and the LGBT community, to interfaith dialogue. How can a movement with distinctive yet limited resources continue to be most effective as an agent of change? Our Tikkun Olam Commission determined that the best strategy is to concentrate on a single area of social justice for a few years at a time. The selection of the wealth gap was discussed at the first meeting of the movement plenum.

The Commission is in the process of developing resource materials that congregations, Hillels and other Jewish community groups can use in their work to help close the wealth gap.

In addition, the Commission is surveying congregations to find out how they pursue tikkun olam and what programs they are conducting currently. We will report the results when they’re available.

Why focus on the wealth gap?

How does our movement select a “high priority” social justice cause?

What other tikkun olam topics and resources are available on this website?

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