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Inclusive Communities

Look Into My Eyes: Coming Face to Face with Disability, a mini-course held at RRC, was designed to help participants increase their capacity to work with people of differing abilities. We’ve recreated it here in video and articles that offer insights from Jewish tradition, explorations of the heart, and teachings from rabbis who are leaders in serving diverse communities. This course resides on the website of the Reconstrucitonist Rabbinical College.  Go directly to the course.

Seeing the Other

Rabbi Jacob Staub discusses the importance of seeing and attempting to understand people who are not like us. Even in today's world of progressive Judaism, we still encounter instances where people are marginalized by language that is used or assumptions that are made. He uses the example of heteronormativity in biblical and rabbinic texts, and outlines how these passages are not one-size-fits-all.

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