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Jewish Thought

The World As Sacred Space: Judaic Teachings and Ecological Consciousness

Rabbi Fred Sherlinder Dobb lays out the Jewish case for environmental awareness and action. Providing sources and viewpoints from classic and modern Jewish sources, Dobb wants us to see contemporary concerns in the context of Jewish concerns over time. He also raises questions about views within Judaism which may be counter to his case.
Type: Article

The United States of Hanukah

In a 2002 RT article, Rabbi Steve Segar notes, "The Hanukah story contains thematic elements that create cognitive dissonance or even undermine the cultural messages that our communities are attempting to cultivate through the observance of this holiday." Many American Jews might relate to the Helenizing forces more than the Maccabean tendency to root them out. Resonant within the story for many Reconstructionists and others is the struggle to live in multiple "civilizations" simultaneously with integrity.
Type: Dvar Torah

How Should We Respond To Human Need?

Psalm 41:2: Happy are those who give to the needy. The Hebrew verb for the word give, maskil, has multiple meanings. This ambiguity of meaning provides an opportunity for one of the rabbinic sages, Rabbi Jonah to think differently about taking care of the needy. Three differing versions of Jonah's "think different" approach are presented in this text study.
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