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Teaching Reconstructionism

Proposal for a Reconstructionist Day School

Rabbi Shira Stutman (RRC '07) conceived of this model for a Reconstructionist high school that she named Lab Yeshiva. She proposes block scheduling, integrated secular and Jewish studies, and service-learning to Jewishly educate students who are not well served by traditional college-prep academies.
Type: Program Description

The Role of Obligation in Judaism

This is a transcript from edtalk, the listserv of Reconstructionist educators. In 2001, education intern Sarah Rubin asked for ideas about how to teach about the role of obligation in Judaism—particularly in the context of bar/bat mitzvah. What obligations do we have as individuals? What obligations does the Jewish community have to us?
Type: Listserve Thread

Rosh Hashanah

Rabbis Erin Hirsh, RRC '00, and Shawn Zevit, RRC '98, engage in a dialogue about one of the most powerful and widely celebrated times of the Jewish year cycle. How did the Jewish New Year evolve? What are the key practices that express the central ideas of this High Holy Day? What are the Reconstructionist approaches? This is an episode of the radio program Heart, Mind and Spirit.

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