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Holiday Resources

One for Each Night: A Hanukkah Study Guide for a Brighter Future

This award winning Hanukkah home guide includes a nightly ritual of replacing a light bulb in your house with an energy efficient CFL bulb, short teachings about the importance of saving energy, a light bulb joke and a blessing. A great way of giving focus to Hanukkah at home.
Type: Ritual

Reconstructionist Sukkot

For Sukkot of 5767 (2006), a group of Midwest congregations decided to collaboratively create a Sukkot supplement for their synagogues. They wanted to bring together ritually oriented folks from multiple synagogues to create something of value that their communities and others could use. Dina April, who was then the JRF regional director, served as organizer and editor for the project.
Type: Ritual


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