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Family Education Programming

This story describes two Roman Catholic women married to Jewish men who take charge of leading a chaotic family service for their children when the rabbi doesn't show up. It encourages us to welcome and appreciate the contributions of non-Jewish parents of Jewish children.
Type: Article

The 100 Languages of Children Meet the 70 Faces of Torah: Preparing the Encounter of Jewish and Reggio Emilia-Style Approaches to Early Childhood

Rabbi Jeffrey Schein and Deb Schein describe their assumptions and search for a metaphor to describe the groundbreaking work they are doing in bringing the philosophy of early childhood education from the Reggio Emilia approach in Italy to Jewish early childhood education in North America.
Type: Article

Brit Adamah Checklist for Home-based Environmental Action

In advance of Tu Bishvat 5767 (2007), students at West End Synagogue organized to try to make a difference in their community. They created a "Brit Adamah," a covenant with the earth, which asked/challenged members of the community to take on a variety personal practices that make a difference in bettering the environment. This is a downloadable Microsoft WORD document, so congregations can easily adapt if for themselves.
Type: Community Discussion Guide


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