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Congregational Development

Communities and Resources

Rabbis Shawn Zevit and Mordechai Liebling discuss the uses and variety of values-based approaches to money and other resources in congregational planning, dues, budgets, building campaigns, fundraising and tzedakah. This program relates to the JRF leadership workshop and resource book on Jewish Values-based Approaches to Financial and Human Resources by Rabbi Zevit. An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Type: Audio Interview

Women in Spiritual Leadership

Rabbis Linda Holtzman and Elyse Wechterman explore the issues and challenges that face Jewish women in leadership roles, particularly in congregational life, as well as the opportunities and contributions female rabbis have been part of in recent years. An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Type: Audio Interview

The Changing Role of the Rabbi

An exploration of the many facets of being and becoming a rabbi in contemporary society with Rabbi Richard Hirsh. What were the pre-modern roles and responsibilities of a rabbi? How have they changed into the 21st century? What is particular to being a Reconstructionist Rabbi and leadership in Reconstructionist communities? How has the movement-wide Role of the Rabbi Commission approached these issues? An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Type: Audio Interview

The "Kehillah Mekabelet" - Welcoming Congregation

An inspiring discussion with writer Roberta Israeloff, as she traces her faith journey that lead her from alienation with the Judaism of her youth to finding a Reconstructionist congregation to call her spiritual home. There, she fought for a policy explicitly welcoming gay and lesbian Jews. An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Type: Audio Interview

A Torah of Money

Sue Hoffman and Larry Bush engage in a lively discussion about the way money has historically been and can be a spiritual tool for communal and societal transformation. Special focus is given to the meaning ascribed to money, issues of class and social justice in Jewish life. An episode of Heart, Mind and Spirit. (NOTE: Torah of Money is a term developed by Jeffrey Dekro who was founder of The Shefa Fund and is a member of Congregation Mishkan Shalom.)

Type: Audio Interview

Resolution Regarding Children of Mixed Marriages

This is the "Resolution on Patrilineal Descent" that was adopted by the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations and Fellowships at its 9th Annual Conference, May 5, 1968, in Great Neck, Long Island. It was published in the Reconstructionist, Volume 34, No. 8, May 31, 1968.
Type: Article


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