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Congregational Development

Parashat Noah: A Community Discussion for Disaster Planning

What are the provisions that we have made in our community to care for our members if a disaster should strike during the operation of the building? How much can this community invest in this preparation? These are just two of the questions raised in this thoughtful guide to a community discussion on a topic most people want to avoid.
Type: Community Discussion Guide

One for Each Night: A Hanukkah Study Guide for a Brighter Future

This award winning Hanukkah home guide includes a nightly ritual of replacing a light bulb in your house with an energy efficient CFL bulb, short teachings about the importance of saving energy, a light bulb joke and a blessing. A great way of giving focus to Hanukkah at home.
Type: Ritual

Reconstructionist Response to Conservative Movement Decision on Gay Ordination and Commitment Ceremonies

On December 6, 2006 the Law and Standards Committee of the Conservative movement passed a teshuva, an opinion on Jewish law, which permits same-sex commitment ceremonies and the ordination of gay/lesbian rabbis. This statement is the Reconstructionist movement's immediate response to Conservative Announcement.
Type: Policy

Walking the Walk: The Sacred Art of Energy Conservation

Rabbi Brant Rosen makes a passionate plea, textually based, for building an environmentally sustainable synagogue. His own congregation, The Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation (JRC) of Evanston, IL is an example.
Type: Dvar Torah

References for a Values-Based Decision Making Approach to Greening Synagogues

A collection of resources that help groups engaging in a values-based decision making approach to greening congregational spaces. The list is divided into print and online materials.
Type: Bibliography

Enhancing the Rabbi-Congregational Partnership

In March of 2005, the Greater Metropolitan New York Regional Council sponsored a presentation on the complex relationship between Rabbis and congregations. The article summarizes the main points of the presentation that is based upon the The Rabbi-Congregational Relationship: A Vision for the 21st Century
Type: RT Article


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