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Parashat Kedoshim begins with Leviticus 19:1 and is referred to as the "holiness code." It begins with the verse "God spoke to Moses, saying: speak to the entire community of the Children of Israel, and say to them: you are to be holy, for I am holy. I am YHWH your God!"

The portion then continues with commandments to be in awe of your parents, keep Shabbat, and stay away from idolatry. Then the people are told when they offer a "shalom" offering it must be eaten within the next day. If it remains until the third day, it is to be consumed in fire or you will become profaned and be cut off from the community.

The portion also contains the commandment to leave the corners of the fields for the poor, the stranger, the widowed and the orphan and a series of injunctions against unethical "anti-social" behavior (i.e., stealing, lying).

This particular sections ends with the commandment not to hate your fellow human being in your heart, but to rebuke those who do wrong so you do not bear sin because of them. Verse 18 concludes this section with what is figuratively (and literally - just about) the center of the Torah: "Love thy fellow human being as you love yourself; I am God!"

The following is my own reinterpretation of these verses that I would like to share with you.

"Wholiness" - by Rabbi Steven Pik-Nathan

God spoke
To all
then now forever

Be Holy
Be Whole
Be at One
With me
As I am
With you

Be filled with awe
At creation
At all of your creators
HumanDivine partnership
Together we create each other
Each day
Life anew

Do not worship the many
Or the individual
As if it were the One
They tear you away from
the Truth
the Reality
the Divine

Bring offerings of wholeness and peace
Offer them to me
to yourselves
to All

Give freely to others what you have brought
Do not attach yourself
To what is yours
For it is not
Hold on fast and it will consume you
Turning what is holy into
What is profane
Shattering the Unity
The One
Into broken pieces of illusion

The earth and all it contains
Is ours
Share what you have been given
Leave for others
Give to others
What is belongs to them
No one

For it is mine
As you are mine
And I am yours

For we are wholly One

Do not steal from others
From Me
with your words
Do not obliterate with your speech
Others or yourself
For we are holy One

Search your heart
Discover love
Uncover compassion
Let loose mercy
Upon all creation
Without limits
For there are none

Pay attention to those who do not follow
The One
Show them the way
Help them to find the One
Help them open their eyes
That they may see Me
In themselves
In you
In everything

Do not hide your love
Do not hate
Those still unable
to see
Whose eyes and hearts
Remain closed
To the One
Inside the Many
Whose fear prevents them
From being holy
From being whole
From being at One

Love all others
As yourself
Love yourself
As all others
Love all
As if they were I
For in Truth
They are
We are
Topics: Divrei Torah
Type: Dvar Torah

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