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"What is Reconstructionism, Anyway?" (Part 3)

More "Elevator Answers" for Reconstructionists. Scott Nielson gives us a way out of "Elevators" with a joke.

Another Elevator Answer

Four rabbis get on an elevator. As the elevator starts going up, it gets stuck. Immediately, one rabbi starts to pray. The second rabbi fidgets, then says “Rabbi, this isn’t about God. This is about technology.”

The third rabbi says, “This may be about technology, but it never hurts to remember who is the real Author of science.”

The fourth rabbi says, “Gentlemen, please put your hands on each other’s shoulders. I will then climb up on your shoulders, crawl out the top of the elevator and pry open the doors. You are welcome to come with me.”

After the fourth rabbi is gone, the first rabbi looks at the other two and says, “Can you believe that woman?”

Yes, that fourth rabbi, she is the Reconstructionist.

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