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We Need Movements

Rabbi Toba Spitzer was inaugurated as the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association President at their Convention on March 13, 2007. This is her acceptance which focuses on the need for movements within Judaism. Audio and written forms of the speech are both provided.

Rabbi Linda Potemkin introduces Rabbi Spitzer.

Here is an excerpt of her speech. To read more or to listen to the speech, download the attachments.
My frustration with all the talk of post-denominationalism goes beyond just my appreciation of what different Jewish denominations have brought us to date. It really goes to my understanding--which I would characterize as a Reconstructionist understanding--of how it's possible to be a Jew at all. Simply put, you can't be a Jew in a vacuum. Real Jews, real Jewish life and practice, function according to minhag hamakom (custom of the place), broadly understood. And in order to have minhag hamakom, you have to have a makom (small mem).
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