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Tikkun Olam Links For Educators

The Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing
This is a collective of national, regional and local foundations and youth organizing practitioners dedicated to advancing youth organizing as a strategy for youth development and social change.
This is perhaps the best Jewish social justice website out there, with a wealth of resources, articles, book reviews and other information. It's worth spending a little while surfing around it to see what's there. They have links on the main page to sections ("channels") for teens as well as younger kids.

The Heifer Project
An innovative approach to ending poverty and hunger worldwide by providing needy families with actual animals to raise and instruction in sustainable agricultural practices, as well as requiring them to pass on the favor. Kids from the religious school at JRC in Evanston, IL have been involved with them and have raise money to purchase several animals for villages in Africa. They've been able to tie it nicely into lessons on Noah's Ark.

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