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TEL Hiddur Mitzvah Curriculum

PLEASE NOTE: Because this curriculum is six years old and has not been updated, we encourage you to find newer, more relevant examples of stories, images, clips, and movies to add to the existing material. We invite you to update the curriculum in the most effective way for your community and hope that you will share your newfound examples with other educators. We welcome all feedback before, during, and after your use of the curriculum; please send your suggested additions to Jackie Land, who will create an updated resource bank for Hiddur Mitzvah. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact Jackie. We’re excited to be able to partner with RENA in keeping this curriculum modern and relevant!


Intro, Havayot 1-2 - Judaism & Film and Judaism & Literature

Havayah 3 - Judaism & Comedy

Havayah 4 - Judaism & Music

Havayah 5a - Judaism & Visual Arts: Intro and Marc Chagall

Havayah 5b - Judaism & Visual Arts: Tobi Kahn

Havayah 5c - Judaism & Visual Arts: Helene Aylon

Havayah 6 - Jewish Characters & Television

Type: Curriculum

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