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Religious School Teacher Job Description—Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation (Evanston, IL)

A. Professional Development

  1. Attend CFJE School Opening Institute in August ($50 stipend to attend)
  2. Orientation ($60 stipend)
  3. January or February off-site professional development session (counts as regular school session)
  4. Two lunch-and-learn events that will take the place of regular monthly staff meetings
  5. Professional review and evaluation, including classroom observation, two times each year
  6. Continuing education, as determined by teacher and Education Director.

B. Documentation

  1. Lesson Plan turned in to Director of Administration at the start of each month (form will be provided)
  2. Email to parents after every class session. Can be sent directly by the teacher, with copies to Director of School Administration and Education Director, or written by hand and returned to the school office after the end of each class.

C. Tzedakah/Tikkun Olam

  1. Collect tzedakah on a regular basis
  2. Implement and encourage school-wide tzedakah project (fall semester) and class project (spring semester)

D. Communication

  1. Communicate with parents by phone or in person, as necessary
  2. Communicate with designated Room Parents to plan special events, as required.

Adherence to these guidelines and attendance will be factors in determining increases for the following school year.

Type: Administrative Document

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