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Re-Digging the Wells of Our Tradition

Starting with the verse from Genesis 26:18 about Isaac needing to re-dig the wells upon his return from Egypt to Canaan, Rabbi Bronstein makes a case for a version of Reconstructionism which is engaging and serious. The speech is available in text and audio formats.

This speech was given at the opening plenum of JRF's 41st convention held in Philadelphia in November of 2006. The overall topic for the plenum was Reconstructionism for the 21st Century: Aspirations, Expectations and Innovations. Rabbis Michael Strassfeld, Richard Hirsh, and Toba Spitzer were the other participants on the panel.

Kaplan developed a technique for unstopping the wells, or better, for “re-digging them.” He wanted the water to taste as sweet to us as it must have tasted in ancient times... [Kaplan] was a visionary, and we are his murky vision. Even his wells have, to a degree, been stopped up. In re-digging them, we will certainly not be replicating Kaplan’s program. But we will be rediscovering his marvelous method for the renewal of Jewish life, and applying that method to today’s questions.

The audio version is 12 minutes.

Type: Speech

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