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A Prayer for Darfur

Wellspring of Compassion,

spread the shelter of your peace

over the suffering children,

women and men of Darfur,

that beleaguered region of the Sudan.

May your love and tender mercies

sustain the shattered lives of those residing in Darfur.

May these people not lose hope or their will to be,

and may we be moved to action by empathizing with their plight.

Genocide is happening, and we must say, Never Again!

You have commanded us not to stand idly

by the blood of any fellow human being,

for we regard ourselves as having once been

enslaved so bitterly in ancient days.

Our ancestors were liberated

by the strength you granted them

to overcome powerful oppression.

It is the Jewish mission to be a light to the nations:

a light of freedom and not of constriction,

a light of liberation and not of conquest,

a light of courage and not of cowardice,

a light of hope and not of despair.

Genocide is happening, and we must say, Never Again!

God of peace,

The Sudan poses no existential threat to us,

and so it would be easy to do nothing,

Rather, we must reach out to the people of Darfur

for their sake and for the sake of our souls.

It is our responsibility to support

charitable organizations to help these people,

and yes, to petition our Government

in an effort to mobilize its diplomatic

and military might to pursue justice in Darfur.

We cannot be truly at peace

so long as human beings

are the victims of cruel, violent

and hateful lordship by others.

Genocide is happening, and we must say, Never Again!
Topics: Tikkun Olam
Type: Ritual

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