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Online Interactive Study Guide for Parashat Yitro

Several years ago Ilana Streit and I created an online interactive Torah experience (is that a technical term) for the first chapter in parashat Yitro.

Interact with Exodus!

The idea was to engage children and adults (or children and adults sitting together) in a method of Torah study that engaged their opinion. With there being no right answers, we presented different aspects of the story, often through the lens of a classical midrash, and then asked the students their opinion. Some of the questions are multiple choice and some open-ended.

Probably the most powerful thing is that when you get to the end you can see other people's responses and compare yours to theirs.

We adapted a survey-taking tool called Survey Monkey for this educational purpose.

The lesson is quite long as a web activity. Feel free to advance through the screens to get to a part you might be more interested in.

We've had success with teachers printing out the whole thing and using the learning and the questions as a basis for in-class study.

The lesson covers Chapter 18 only.

Interact with Exodus!

Type: Dvar Torah

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