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Make Your own Haggadah and Seder Plate!

In school or at home, make a special Seder plate. You can make it from clay or other materials, or simply decorate a nice big plate from home using real or artificial flowers, different shapes cut out of paper etc. Don't forget to save a place for all of the symbols that should be on the plate: Karpas, Haroset, Maror, Beytzah, Zeroa and if you want - Hazeret.

Make your own Haggadah by drawing your favorite scenes from the Yetziat Mitzrayim (Exodus) story, the life of the Israelites in Egypt, the ten plagues, characters from the Haggadah etc. Try to write a line or two about every scene in Hebrew! You can use different colors or materials to decorate it.

Bring your Haggadah to the Seder and show it to the guests while the Exodus story is being told.

Parents: talk to your children about their drawings during the seder and relate them to the prayers, songs and stories of the Haggadah.
Type: Class Activity

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