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Rabbi Margot Stein


Light and Dark: A Hanukkah Song Words and sheet music for three-part vocal harmony for a Hanukkah song about differences between dark and light, good and evil. Music and Lyrics by Margot L. Stein. Arrangement by Elizabeth Bolton.
Lulay - Psalm 27

A song from the closing verses of Psalm 27. Music and English translation written by Rabbi Margot Stein. Arranged and sung by MIRAJ. Audio file, Hebrew text, transliteration, and English translation are provided.

Transitional Tasks After Divorce/ Divorce in Reconstructionist Life As a retired congregational rabbi, Michael Remson has unique insight into rabbi-congregational relationships. In this article, he reapplies those "lessons learned" onto the transition of life after a divorce. This article also includes a supplement called a "Divorce in Reconstructionist Life" by...
The Omer Song Fast, fun, song about counting the omer. Lyrics and mp3 included.
Addendum to Symposium on Music in Jewish Life After the First-Ever Harmoniyah Music Retreat In her essay of the latest Harmoniyah retreat in November of 2007, Margot Stein reports on the state of Reconstructionist music with its reinvention of tradition and ability to experiment in new territory. Stein also reflects on the use of music as a vehicle for spirituality.

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