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Sara Mosenkis


The Role of Text Study in Congregational Values-Based Decision Making This article encourages communities to draw on ancient and contemporary texts as they develop and articulate their values.
Book Recommendations for Jewish Teenage Girls This is a list compiled from discussion on the Edtalk listserv in November, 2001.
High Holiday Children's Services Children's High Holiday services are a recurring topic of discussion on the EdTalk listserv. Here are conversations from March 2003 and May-June 2004. There are posts from four educators suggesting different formats and resources for children of various ages.
Resources for Teaching Rabbinic Texts to Middle Schoolers In February 2003, Jeremy Schwartz sent a message to edtalk, the listserv for Reconstructionist educators, requesting materials for teaching Rabbinic texts to 6th and 7th graders. Over the next few weeks, listserv members contributed these suggestions.
A Discussion About Teaching Hanukkah: Miracle or Not? These conversations from the listserv for Reconstructionist educators were prompted by a question from Toni Bloomberg Grossman about how to teach young children about Hanukkah. Many educators responded with their practical and ideological thoughts about how to teach Hanukkah.

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