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Rabbi Jonathan Malamy


Budgets: Living Our Values in a Financial Plan

A guide to exploring your community's relationship to money and creating a budget for your congregation based on your values and priorities.

Dues and Financial Policy: Our Tax for Jewish Citizenship This article brings a historical perspective on biblical taxation, suggesting that synagogue dues are a tax for Jewish citizenship. It also introduces the idea of "fair share" dues, where individual members' dues vary based on their income.
Organizing Money: Capital Campaigns and Fundraising A guide to values-based, community-oriented fundraising. Includes sections on general/annual fundraising, capital campaigns and solicitation.
Resources on Money and Congregational Life An annotated bibliography of books and articles about Jewish perspectives on money.
The Role of Text Study in Congregational Values-Based Decision Making This article encourages communities to draw on ancient and contemporary texts as they develop and articulate their values.

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