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Rabbi Fredi Cooper

Rabbi Fredi Cooper


Rabbi Fredi's Challah A sweet new challah recipe for Rosh Hashanah, dairy-free for meat meals!
Mishna Impossible: A Sukkah Building Activity

This is a hands-on, team activity for the week before Sukkot that allows students to build sukkot according to instructions given in the Mishnah.

Parashat Noah: A Community Discussion for Disaster Planning What are the provisions that we have made in our community to care for our members if a disaster should strike during the operation of the building? How much can this community invest in this preparation? These are just two of the questions raised in this thoughtful guide to a community discussion...
Preparing for a Rabbinic Sabbatical From the Perspective of the Congregational Leadership

This document is designed to help Reconstructionist communities prepare for a rabbinic sabbatical as a time of growth—for the rabbi and the community. It relates to the biblical agricultural sabbatical and includes an outline of questions to shape planning.

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