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Rabbi Joshua Lesser


A Prayer for AIDS Awareness Shabbat Two readings that connect the theme of AIDS awareness to Friday night candle-lighting and the Ufros Aleynu prayer.
"Gay Judaism" and the Struggle for Inclusion The overturning of the sodomy laws and the Reconstructionist commitment to inclusion
One Family: The Four Children and the Disparity of Wealth

A guide for discussing income disparity at your Passover seder through the lens of the "four children" story.

How Much Is Enough?

In 2013-14, the Tikkun Olam Commission of the Reconstructionist movement is initiating actions and conversations about wealth and income inequality and the related question: How much is enough? This letter, written by Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, ’85, was originally sent to college students....

Bar/BatMitzvah Chapter
I Chose Silence: The Attribute of Sh'tikah

Rabbi Joshua Lesser reflects on the value of silence and listening in times of great passion and trauma. 

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