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Barbara Carr

 Barbara Carr


A Hanukkah Story for the Children of Dor Hadash

A story about a family's struggle to redefine their relationship with Hanukkah and rededicate their intentions to the meaning of the holiday. Inspired by Kerry Olitsky's book, Eight Nights, Eight Lights.

The Gifts They Give: Non-Jewish Parents Helping to Raise Their Jewish Children This story describes two Roman Catholic women married to Jewish men who take charge of leading a chaotic family service for their children when the rabbi doesn't show up. It encourages us to welcome and appreciate the contributions of non-Jewish parents of Jewish children.
Let's Reconstruct Purim to Become a Celebration of Feminism When you think about the great children's holidays in the Jewish tradition - there are really two: Hanukkah and Purim, the festival that celebrates the story told in the Scroll of Esther. Purim is unfortunately ...

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