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James Greene

 James Greene


Kol Haneshamah Hebrew in Davka Format

This .zip file contains four documents with the Hebrew text of the services found in the Kol Haneshamah: Shabbat Vehagim prayer book.

Note: you must have Davka installed on your computer to view these documents.

Journeying From the Personal to the Communal Up until this week's portion, the Israelites are generally referred to as bnai yisrael, the Children of Israel. Only once had we been called, "beit yisrael," the House of Israel. It is ...
The Danger of Religious Fanaticism This week, we arrive at the final portion of the book of Genesis as we watch the last of our patriarchs, Jacob, pass from this life to the next. He seemingly has the things we ...
Redeeming God's Wrath - A Poem Poem written from the perspective of a Jewish woman about to be liberated from slavery in Egypt. She is struggling with her conflicting emotions of joy at her impending freedom and sadness with the loss surrounding her.
Joyful, Soulful, Prayer Original music written for Exodus 15:17-18. Introductory text includes Hebrew words, translation, and the author's intention in writing the niggun and his own personal story associated with it. Audio mp3 included.

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