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Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Rabbi Toba Spitzer


How Should We Respond To Human Need? Psalm 41:2: Happy are those who give to the needy. The Hebrew verb for the word give, maskil, has multiple meanings. This ambiguity of meaning provides an opportunity for one of the rabbinic sages, Rabbi Jonah to think differently about taking care of the needy. Three differing...
A Guide to Talking About Israel in Your Congregation

Recognizing that communal dialogue about Israel is often challenging, this guide aims to help congregations facilitate open and honest conversations about Israel. The guide addresses the kinds of issues and concerns that make these conversations challenging and provides suggestions for how to...

December and Dedication December is that time of year when being a Jew in America feels particularly complicated. Whether we are dealing with the "December dilemma" or are just a bit overwhelmed by the ubiquity of ...
Peoplehood Reconsidered Rabbi Spitzer offers an appraisal of Mordecai Kaplan's concept of "Jewish peoplehood" and argues for its reconstruction based on a commitment to covenantal community. Both text and audio versions available.
Defending Love, Defending Marriage The contemporary battle over same-sex marriage
The House We Live In Making a Covenantal Commitment
We Need Movements Rabbi Toba Spitzer was inaugurated as the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association President at their Convention on March 13, 2007. This is her acceptance which focuses on the need for movements within Judaism. Audio and written forms of the speech are both provided.
Israel: Telling a New Story

Rabbi Toba Spitzer continues an ongoing communal dialogue about Israel in Fall 2013.

The Narrative of Compassion

Rabbi Toba Spitzer continues an ongoing communal dialogue about Israel in Fall 2014.

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